Trust, Kindness and Listening

Our values are simple: trust, kindness and listening. They represent how we aim to care for our patients and how we treat one another as colleagues.

“Very pleased with the service, the staff are very nice, patient and always give me lots of reassurance. Staff are kind, listen to me, allow me to take my time, reassure me, we have a laugh and a joke, staff make me feel relaxed. I always feel proud of myself afterwards as staff say I have done well looking after my teeth. A great fantastic service for learning disabilities. Thank you everyone for being kind & helpful.”

Trust – We work hard to be trusted by patients and colleagues. We commit to ongoing learning to achieve high standards of professional competency.  We will give our best every day, applying our knowledge and skills in a caring and consistent way.

Kindness – We value being kind and creating a caring and comfortable environment for our patients responsive to their needs.  We will be kind to each other as colleagues, respecting individual differences.  We aim to support one another to do the best we can every day. We care for the communities and environment where we live and work.

Listening – Listening is important to us; we understand the needs of our patients through hearing them and their friends and families. Careful listening is a hallmark of our service and the excellent care we aim to provide. As an employee owned business, we listen to each other as colleagues, ensuring everyone feels safe to have their say.