Our prison services

We provide dental services in the Healthcare Department of His Majesty’s Prisons (HMP).

Our team of dentists carry out primary dental care for prisoners giving priority to patients in the greatest need, including those in pain or with swellings.

CDS is always keen to ensure the care provided makes a real difference to long term oral health and wellbeing. We measure key outcomes for prisoners to help demonstrate the difference we have made to influence positive behaviour changes that promote oral health and overall well-being.

Currently, we provide dental care in the following prisons:

HMP North Sea Camp
HMP Bure
HMP Wayland
HMP Norwich
HMP Highpoint
HMP Warren Hill
HMP Hollesley Bay
HMP The Mount



Covid 19 update

We are now working at pre-pandemic levels regarding COVID and offer all routine/emergency NHS Dental Care across all our prison sites.  All sites are now at Level 1 lockdown regime.


Tell us what you think

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