CDS sets up Urgent Dental Care Clinics

CDS has responded to the Covid-19 crisis by being part of the Urgent Dental Care Network of clinics set up to provide care for patients as a last resort where consultation by telephone or video is not a viable option.

Covid-19 has caused significant interruption to routine dental care because of the risk to patients and clinical teams through the use of aerosol generating procedures.

Clinical teams have been supplied and fitted with PPE and arrangements made in clinics to allow patients to enter and exit safely. An easy read leaflet has been developed to support CDS patients with additional needs understand how dentists and dental nurses will look in PPE and what will happen in the clinic.

Since the crisis began, CDS has continued to support patients through telephone consultation and have been able to treat non urgent dental problems by advising on self-care, over the counter painkillers and issuing prescriptions where necessary.

A whole new IT infrastructure to enable dentists to effectively triage and treat patients remotely has had to be set up in a matter of days; establishing a secure video conferencing facility through a NHS Digital approved solution allowing a single channel between Dentist and patient.  Where clinics do not have Wi-Fi, CDS 4G enabled iPad have been rolled out, working with Apple to provide a business solution enabling shared but secure access similar to classroom used iPad that had not previously been used in a business environment.