Life-saving defibrillators installed around Louth

The Trust has awarded LIVES with a grant to purchase nine ZOLL AED3 BLS Defibrillators for their LIVES Emergency First Responders.

Armed with the new defibrillators, the LIVES Responders in Louth have attended 46 incidents since March 31 including five cardiac arrests, 11 patients experiencing chest pains, seven road traffic incidents and incidents of major trauma.

CDS Action Charitable Trust chairman Brigit Parker explained: “This employee led Trust makes small grants that make a big difference in those areas where CDS CIC provides community dental and oral health services.

“We are really pleased to have been able to support the vital lifesaving work LIVES do every day and to benefit a community where our patients and employees live.”

The defibrillators utilise new technology that provides live audio and visual feedback as an interactive sensor on the patient’s chest, that changes colour and shape to guide resuscitation on scene.

They also store this information together with feedback about the patient’s response to medical intervention, which is instantly uploaded to the Cloud via a Wi-Fi connection so responders can share vital patient information with the ambulance service enroute to the incident, and later with A&E doctors at the hospital, so that they can assess and prepare for the patient’s arrival.

The pads are also interchangeable between units and can quickly and easily be attached to the machine’s used by advanced Medics and Doctors if they are called to scene.

Nikki Cooke, chief executive of LIVES: “LIVES are committed to making Lincolnshire the safest place to have a medical emergency and invest significant funds every year to ensure our Responders are trained and equipped to attend 999 medical emergencies across the county.


“This generous donation from The CDS Action Charitable Trust means that if someone in our Louth District has a cardiac arrest, our Responders will arrive on scene carrying the latest lifesaving equipment to give them the very best chance of survival.”