Sarah is en route to join BSL Rally in London

Sarah, Dental Nurse, isn’t working from clinic today, but currently travelling to London to witness the third reading of the BSL Act.

Sarah will be joining a rally taking place in Trafalgar Square, where hundreds of supporters will witness the debate in Parliament, livestreamed on a large screen.

18th March is an important day for the Deaf community in the UK. It marks the 19th anniversary of the date British Sign Language was first recognized as a language in its own right by the UK government. Now, 19 years later, it is hoped today will see a BSL Act which gives legal status to British Sign Language. This in turn will require the government to put in place guidance for providing public services and information to Deaf people who use BSL.

The day also coincides with Sign Language Week 2022.

Sarah is a BSL Level 3 student and her passion for supporting our patients makes us so proud.
We will be staying in touch with Sarah on this important day and posting her updates on our social media pages. Please engage and share. Thank you.



UPDATE:  We are delighted to hear the news of the passing of the BSL Bill third reading.

Sarah provided regular updates throughout the day and even got to meet her favourite deaf celebrity!

“Today was such an amazing day. The bill was voted through without 1 vote against. I will never forget today and has made me even prouder of my own BSL journey knowing what BSL means to so many .

I would also like to mention Essex Deaf Children’s society. I am a committee member and was accompanied by them today.”