What training we offer.

Our tailored training will help the professional gain knowledge in oral care and enhance confidence and skills when delivering mouth care. This includes information on areas such as brushing, diet, dental visits and key oral health guidelines. Our training packages include:

  • General Oral Health Training.
  • Supervised Toothbrushing Programme Training
  • Lifelong Smiles Training
  • Oral Health Champion Training

A range of resources are provided as part of the training such as Leaflets, posters and documents as well as a certificate of attendance.

Who do we work with?

We regularly work with professionals from nurseries and schools providing general oral health training. We can also support settings on setting up our supervised toothbrushing programme.

We also work closely with many care homes and can provide training for those working with older people, adults with additional needs and end of life care. We can also offer care settings who have completed our general oral health training the opportunity to work towards our Life Long Smiles Accreditation and can provide further training for anyone wishing to become an Oral Health Champion within their setting

How do we provide training?

  • We can offer our training via a virtual webinar or an online tool kit for professionals to work through in their own time. Both training options are accredited and will take approximately 2 hours. A certificate will be issued on completion which can be used for CPD purposes.
  • Training sessions are adaptable depending on the needs of organisations. We are happy to provide oral health improvement update sessions to ensure professionals are kept up to date with the latest guidance. Every session is evaluated by those attending to ensure continuous improvement.

For queries related to our training please contact

Supervised tooth brushing programme

Our programme is a preventative toothbrushing programme designed to address oral health inequalities by helping young children to develop positive oral health skills for life.

Brushing each day at school is effective for preventing tooth decay and can establish life-long behaviour to promote oral health.

The funded programme is a targeted programme so only run in targeted settings.

If you would like to know more about the programme and see if your setting is eligible then please email the team.

For those who aren’t eligible the team can still offer support, guidance and training to self-fund your own programme with your setting.

Lifelong smiles programme

Achieving Optimum Oral Healthcare In Residential Settings.

CDS has developed an accredited programme called ‘Lifelong Smiles’ (LLS). This is available to care home settings in Nottinghamshire County. By agreeing to participate, the care homes would need to meet a set of 6 standards based on the NICE guidelines for oral health in care homes.

We invite the homes to improve their delivery of oral health care within their facility. This can include; improving the personal dental care a resident receives, an awareness of the different needs and wants for each resident, implementing dietary changes across the homes provision of snacks and drinks and making sure each resident is registered with a local dentist and attends when necessary.

As many employees as possible will receive the training and will be aware of the standards so they understand what is to be achieved. The designated staff members will be in charge of collaborating evidence and initiating any necessary changes. CDS will then follow up after the initial training to discuss care plans, menus and any other issues.

We will support the home to work towards achieving the standards and monitor good practice. Once all evidence is collected and the standards have been met, the homes will then receive their award certificate to be displayed in the home.

Care homes not taking part in the accreditation scheme can also access our free training for staff.

How else can we help?

Our team has a wealth of experience and resources which we are happy to share and we can also offer assistance with displays and events.

We can provide oral health guidance and input for any relevant health and well-being policies as required.