Lincolnshire Oral Health Improvement

The Oral Health Improvement team is commissioned by Lincolnshire County Council to deliver, promote and support Oral Health Improvement programmes within our communities.

The team co-ordinate, facilitate and support a range of evidence-based interventions to reduce oral health inequalities and promote better oral health.

The team provides training throughout the year. If you are interested in an oral health training session, thenplease contact the team on and they can discuss the needs of your organisation with you.

The team supports our local supervised toothbrushing programme within EYFS settings called Lincolnshire Smiles. Please refer to the Lincolnshire Smiles section below for more information about this programme.

Meet the Team

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Oral Health training is available to both health and non-health teams and is tailored to suit each group:

  • Health Visitors
  • Teachers
  • Additional Needs Teams
  • Care Home Teams
  • Early Years Teams
  • Looked After Children Teams
  • Voluntary Sector
  • Doctors, nurses, HCA

A range of resources such as leaflets, posters and documents can be provided as part of the training as well as a certificate of attendance.

Sessions are designed according to the area of work and are often run during a team meetings or during allocated professional development time. these can be delivered remotely via Team’s or face to face. Brief follow up sessions can then be provided to update and refresh people’s knowledge. Every session is evaluated by those attending to ensure continuous improvement.

To enquire about future training sessions please email

Lincolnshire Smiles

What is Lincolnshire Smiles?

Lincolnshire Smiles is a preventative toothbrushing programme designed to address oral health inequalities by helping young children to develop positive oral health skills for life.


Why introduce Lincolnshire Smiles?

Evidence based studies have found:

  • Daily application of fluoride toothpaste to teeth reduces the incidence and severity of tooth decay in children.
  • Children in more deprived areas are less likely to brush their teeth at least twice daily.
  • Brushing each day at school over a two-year period is effective for preventing tooth decay and can establish life-long behavior to promote oral health.

Lincolnshire Smiles is a targeted programme so only run in targeted settings.

If you would like to know more about the programme and see if your setting is eligible then please email the team on