British Society of Paediatric Dentistry - Resources in Different Languages

The British Society of Paediatric Dentistry have developed downloadable leaflets created to support patients and their parents/carers on ‘Preventing Tooth Decay’ and ‘A Practical Guide to Children’s Teeth’.

‘Preventing Tooth Decay’ is available in:

· English – Dark background

· English – Light background

· Chittagonian

· Polish

· Punjabi

· Romanian

· Sylheti

· Urdu

‘A Practical Guide to Children’s Teeth’ is available in:

· Ukrainian

· Amharic

· Arabic

· Dari

· Kurdish

· Pashto

· Persian

· Tigrinya

· English

There is also an infographic (a visual representation of information) by Public Health England for ‘Preventing Tooth Decay’, a patient leaflet for ‘Silver Diamine Fluoride’, and ‘Advice for Parents of Children with Autism’.

Visit the website and access these resources here.