Community Dental Services is proud to be commissioned to carry out dental epidemiology across the following locations, Oxfordshire, Leicestershire, Leicester city, Rutland , Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire and Bassetlaw

The Epidemiology team facilitates Dental Health Surveys coordinated by Public Health England, which have been carried out across the UK since 1987. The information arising from them allows NHS England area teams to plan dental services and health improvement teams to tailor programmes for groups where oral health is poor.

The overall aim is to support actions to improve oral health, reduce health inequalities and improve the provision of treatment services.

CDS teams are trained nationally and regionally to ensure that high standards are kept and all teams work to the same level at all stages in the survey. Participants will be asked to have a very simple and quick dental examination. The dentist or dental therapist and an assistant who are trained to do this work will only do a simple examination. No treatment will be provided. The dentist will use fresh disposable latex free gloves and sterilised mirrors. The check takes only a few minutes and teams let participants know if they find anything wrong.

Publications based on the data collected by Community Dental Services will be made available on the PHE website and may be published in journals. You can see the results of similar surveys on this website: www.nwph.net/dentalhealth/

Private Paid for Dentistry

Our dentists and nurses have long experience in the NHS and are driven by public service values and the highest clinical quality standards.

Members of our dental team are able to offer private (paid-for) dental services so that we may offer a full range of treatment options alongside our NHS services.

This will allow us to extend treatment options to our existing patients where they receive the highest quality service from a dental team they trust and in familiar surroundings. The wide range of skill offered by our dentists and the high level of care we offer also attracts new patients wanting private dentistry treatment of the highest quality.

We also offer our Dentist to Door service which has a range of options for home visits, either to individual’s homes, residential care homes or retirement villages or specialist centres like shelters for the homeless or residential units for people with additional needs.

Please contact us on info@cds-cic.co.uk to find out more.